Saturday, 25 February 2012

Student councillor of 2012!

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would let you know what I have been up too.  I have been busy for the start of the school year preparing for Student Council nominations....

After preparing and submitting my essay to the Principal I was lucky enough to be one of eight students at my school to be elected as student councillor this year.

 All eight student councillors (four boys and four girls) where then given the opportunity to try out for Head Girl and Head Boy.  After preparing and doing a speech in front of the senior school students and Teachers we all had an anxious weeks wait to find out who the students had elected to lead them over the next year.

I was advised yesterday at our first school assembly that I was Elected as Head Girl.  I am so excited! However even though I feel very proud and excited I also felt sad for my friends who all in their own right deserved the positions too.

That is why I decided to make them all a special card each.  To let them know that I think they are amazing and thats why they where chosen to be student councillors in the first place!

I made the three girls a card each and I made the three boys a card each.  I also made a card for the Head Boy congratulating him in success!

Thanx Ayshia XXX

Friday, 10 February 2012

Love is in the Air by Ayshia

Hi Everyone!

Ayshia here this is my latest creation.  It is a Valentines Day door hanger. I am entering this piece in the Craft Your Passion Kids Challenge.

I have painted the background ( a chipboard heart door hanger)  using Napthol Crimson by Jo Sonjas Paints.

I used Mother of Pearl white Card stock on the left side of the heart. Along with Valentines Paper behind my Magnolia stamped girl.

I have used white and red flowers, red and black ribbon with ladybugs along with ladybugs to embellish my piece.

I have used Copic Markers to colour my Magnolia Stamp.

I used N1, N9, N10 to colour her hair.
For her dress I used R37, R39, N1,N9, N10 and B0000 to highlight the grey areas.
For the butterfly I used RV10, RV32, BV02, YG61, and E02.
For her boots I used R37 and R39.
For her skin I used E000, E00, E02 and RV10 to highlight her cheeks.

I also used red ink on the edges of the paper around my stamp.

Thanks for looking.



Sunday, 5 February 2012

I'll be Your Princess if you will be My Prince by Ayshia

Hi Everyone!

Ayshia here with my latest piece to enter in La La Land Crafts 4 Kids Challenge!

This is my favourite piece I have done so far!!

I have painted a flat canvas background using Napthol Crimson by Jon Sonja's Paints.

I have then used Valentine Paper for the background on top of the canvas. Rounding off the corners with a cutting tool.

I have used red card stock for the oval background with a mother of pearl card stock for the oval insert. Black card stock was used for my Love tag with the corners being rounded. I have used black ribbon and red heart brads to decorate my piece.

My Marci Stamp was coloured using Copic Markers.

Her hair was coloured using N1, N9 and N10.
Her dress was coloured using R37, R39 and N1. And I used the 0.03 fine tip multi-liner to colour the lace on her dress.
Her skin was coloured using E000, E00, E02.
Her crown was coloured using Y0000, Y00, Y02.
Her Lips were coloured using RV95.

I hope you like my piece!